Automotive future, derived from aviation: You can already have it in Your car:

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You know the pictures of aeroplane cockpits: they are full of gauges, full of instruments, full of indicators. Full of WEIGHT. We do not want weight in aeroplanes - the utmost superflous dead ballast weight are the PILOTS! -, and we do not want it in our cars! For a few years aviation industry is converting old planes to nowadays actual standard in new planes: the so called "glas cockpit", and it is extremely flexible, and MULTIFUNCTIONAL!.

The past on the left side: Boeing 707. You notice 4 power levers, and 4 gauges, for 4 engines. Presence and future on the right side: glas cockpit (= computer panels!). By the way: what You see here is the cockpit of a Boeing 777, the type of plane that is/was missing in March 2014. Malaysia flight MH 370.

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You'd better take all that stuff (instruments, glass cockpit, seats, pilots) out of modern aeroplanes, but Airbus/Boeing are not doing that. They are scared that passengers would be scared and not fly if flights were computer-controlled, cockpit empty, nobody there. But You'd save a lot of weight and Billions of Dollars taking the human factor out of the plane, and You'd win a lot more safety, since computers make less mistakes. You cannot blackmail them. They do not blackmail You. The systems are there, they work perfectly. They are ready to go. Next step should be to install them, and tell the pilots they are NOT ALLOWED to touch anything! They can have a dummy cockpit and two Playstations so they can play Flight Simulations. The passengers are still allowed to believe these guys - who are as useful in our times as the steam locomotive's fireman was on an electric one! - are doing the job.

Right now the pilot's union "cockpit" ("cock" is a bird - or a dick!) in Germany is grounding thousands of flight and 300times the passengers who cannot reach their destinations with a strike aiming to increase their salaries to more than 250.000 US$/year = 20.000 US$ per month. In the no-pilots-planes that will come in the next years they can continue to do what they are already used to: NOTHING. They can go home and wait for their pension. Nobody needs them any more. These arrogant cockpit-queens can stay at home 24/7, bother their wives and blackmail their kids. Blackmail at airlines' and passengers' expense is history, then! And aviation wins a respectable INCREASE in SAFETY!!! No more pilot-errors. ("Oh, I forgot to refuel, sorry for that!" "Oh, we are in the wrong airport, sorry for that." "Excuse for the slightly rough touchdown, please, Ladies and Gentlemen, but this is not an airport. Sorry for that!")

Take the two vain posers out of their front seats, and there will be less planes falling out of the skies! Believe me! I know what I am talking about!

I am talking FUTURE!!!

A lot cheaper and safer to keep these uniform-hangers at home, and pay them their salary/rent for NOT coming close to any airplane! They can enjoy strike around the clock in their living-rooms and play flight sim! A lot better, a great gain for everybody involved!

EVERYBODY would save a lot of money, BILLIONS of dollars if these guys (Boeing/Airbus) were listening to me. You might be glad they are not. Are You?

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The general situation is the same in cars: You have lots of gauges, indicators (tachometer,speedometer, fuel level, engine temperature, oil temp, and so on) in Your dashboard. In the old days that meant one heavy mechanic instrument for every function. Then they put in heavy combi-instruments, with electronics already. In the future there will only be a (computer-) display! As in the planes. Glas-cockpit! Saves a lot of WEIGHT, gives You MORE functions, MORE designs.

The old days:

Combi-instruments, still with PLENTY of HEAVY wires: we don't need that!

We do not need to connect more than 2 or 3 wires to access our car's ECU: That's it! You already have that, it is Your obd2-plug under the steering wheel. the rest is WIRELESS, bluetooth.

Until now the automotive industry all over the world only starts to learn and understand what that means, to them, to You as the customer!

This is my Sorento (conventional):

And THIS is my Sorento (glas cockpit):

I can exchange and rearrange, zoom the dials any way I want, there are many "skins" (instrument sizes, styles, designs) already. I did not see the old Porsche dashboard until now, but one day You will download that one with a click, too: if You want it You get it! Because You NEED it!

NOW we have EVERYTHING, sooner or later, fast internet, of course, too (up to now they are not working the fast 4G-internet properly, in Manila. They cannot even run 3G good enough, here. Elsewhere they do!):

EVERYTHING means: car-ecu-data, fault-codes, accident-/race-cam, g- / impact-sensors, multi-media, navigation, our picture galleries, movies, videos, our music (mp3), radio, TV, just anything You have in Your computer/tablet/laptop with good internet-connection, at home!

Two years after I wrote the part above: Audi offers precisely this system in the sophisticated Audi TT. The design is professional, of course, the display is not tablet, but instrument-panel. Phantastic. This is IT!!!!!

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